Unique Background

We have a unique background at LastMile Logistix that allows us to better understand how to service our clients.  We have spent years consulting with small to medium sized businesses in the state of Utah, teaching how to improve and refine their shipping processes.  We understand our clients painpoints and know how to provide the right type of service to help them save money and free up much needed time. 


With the complexity of logistics and business today, we have a motto that has served us well, "keep it simple."  From our pricing to our streamlined logistics process, we make it easy for our clients to do business with us.  

Benefits of using LastMile Logistix
  1. Increase Flexibilty - As your business grows LastMile can adapt to your needs quick and easy. Renting or purchasing your own warehouse requires capital and long term commitment.  By utilizing our facilities you can stay flexible, only pay for the space you occupy, and continue with the services you require.

  2. Reduce Labor Costs - When you manage fulfillment and warehousing in-house you incur the cost of additonal staff, along with the hassel of managaging those employees. Devote time to your core business and let LastMile lower your labor costs and provide you with exceptional logistic services.

  3. Be More Efficient - By allowing us to take care of your logistics, you can now focus on what you do best.  Fulfillment and warehousing is a slice of the business that when outsourced to the right partner, like LastMile, can help you be more efficient, while still providing a high standard of quality and service that you are use to. 

Signs that you're ready for help
  1. Fluctuating Sales - If your sales flucutate month to month then it probably doesn't make sense to hire your own staff to fulfill and warehouse your products.  At LastMile we have the flexibility and capabilities to service your orders regardless of your seasonal traffic, at no additonal cost.  

  2. You're Too Busy - If you can no longer run your company effectively because all your time is spent packaging and shipping product, it's time to outsource your fulfillment to LastMile.  Enjoy your new freedom, focus on your core business, and let us handle your logistics.  

  3. Out of Space - As your company grows so will the space you need to store your inventory.  Instead of investing more capital into warehouse space, let LastMile store and fulfill your products.